Our mission


The Sakina Mission is a nonprofit which partners with organizations around the world through visual storytelling. We are a team of artists who believe in the importance of artistic integrity and the power of story to convict and compel people into action. Through authentic imagery we will advocate for an organization, rally behind their cause, and be a voice for their mission and those they serve.


The world habitually reduces people to statistics and converts tragedy into easily ignored numbers. We strive to speak for those individuals whose voices are often lost. We believe storytelling is the most powerful and effective way to breed understanding and empathy. We want to tell the hard stories that delve honestly into the gritty reality of being human―stories where grief and joy sit together. Sharing these visual stories on a global platform can provide incentive and opportunity for people all over the world to become involved in a ministry and form heart-level connections with people in need. We trust that this global involvement can help alter the trajectory of an individual’s narrative, from one of sorrow to one of hope.


If you partner with us, we will send a team of visual artists to your location to capture photographs and video content for your organization. We will immerse ourselves in the thick of your mission, build relationships with your staff, and create a dialogue between our organization and your local community. You can use our stories and imagery to expand your cause by sharing new content in a dynamic and engaging way. 

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