These ones. They are not orphans, they are humans. They are not a marginalized and disparate group, but rather distinct and radiant individuals. They are friends. They are family.  

They are the ones who struggle and hurt and live in brokenness, but who also exude beauty, joy, and purpose. They are just like all of us.  

We are all ultimately the same. We are all broken. We all hurt. We all need redemption. We all crave love and acceptance, and we are all valuable. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made, we are all beautiful, and we are all worthy of love and recognition, affection and honor, and home and family.   

This place. It is not an orphanage, it is a home. A place where brothers and sisters come together and laugh and play and love and hug and cry and share and eat and sleep and run and and sing and dance. Home is a place where we are known and cared for. It is a place where we come together and commune.  

This story is heartbreaking and hopeful. I share it with the hope these images will make you feel. That you will sense a connection with the humans that grace these pages. That you will not forget that they matter, and that you matter, and that we all matter.  

All images taken by Jacki Potorke at H.O.P.E. Children's Home, a part of Elpis Ministries in Iganga, Uganda. 

Jacki Potorke is a fellow broken human being doing her best to live in the freedom that Jesus brings. She is a lover of people, a photographer, and a story teller. You can often find her spending time at home with her husband, walking the streets of her neighborhood, drinking a good pour over coffee, or hiking in the mountains, which are her second home. Jacki shoots documentary style wedding and portraits and her true passion lies in humanitarian work. To see more of her work visit her website.