"I had lost hope. I was at the orphanage, ready to give up my baby. It was so painful because I loved my daughter. I was going to leave her and look for work. My neighbor who ran a babies home told me about Abide and how they would help me keep our family together. Abide gave me a place to stay while I learned about business. When I graduated I was able to open up my salon. Now, life is good. I have many customers. They like me and I like them. I’m now doing nails, hair, and soon I will do massage. My baby is starting school soon and I’m dreaming of buying land and building a house for my family in the future. I’m even employing another single mom now who was thinking of giving up her children to an orphanage. I could relate to her story of struggling and wanted to help her like Abide helped me. I believe every mom in Uganda deserves the chance to stay with their children. I want every mom who is facing a similar situation like mine to have hope for a future together with their children."

Abide Family Center empowers vulnerable families to keep their kids at home and out of orphanages in Uganda by providing them with business education, parenting classes, and pastoral services.

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