In the corner of a small, brick hut in this island country’s poorest village, I met five-week-old baby Steeve.

He was curled up beneath a mosquito net, life and circumstance as yet uncomplicated. He seemed to exist somewhere between love and light as he held the attentive gaze of each person in the room. In every home, a baby’s first presence always seems to exist within a fabric of awe and stillness.

A newborn baby is possibility. He embodies hope and new life; he is the tangible representation of love poured out between two people. Every rise and fall of his chest teaches us again how the small and simple things often hold the most rhythm and beauty.

Steeve’s story has just begun. He could do anything and be anyone; he is like a blank slate, susceptible now to the world’s hurts and wonders. He has yet to learn how extraordinarily loved he is, but, if he is anything like me, he will spend each day wondering about love and the story he is meant to live.

Steeve was born to a family in the remote village of Belle-Anse, Haiti. All photos were taken by Kadi Tiede during Steeve's well-baby checkup with midwife-in-training Rhyan Buettner in June of 2015.

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