In September we had the privilege of partnering with Friendship Place, a local community center in Rochester, MN. They exist to bring light and love to the Meadow Park neighborhood by offering free tutoring and homework help to children and students, as well as other activities throughout the year. Click the video we made above to see exactly why we love this kids so much!

In addition to shooting visual content for Friendship Place, we had the absolute pleasure of doing a storytelling and photography workshop with a group of five kids from the neighborhood. We gave each of them two disposable cameras over two weeks and the opportunity to tell their stories through images. These five kiddos are truly extraordinary, and, in just a few days of spending time with them, they all managed to knot themselves around our hearts.

Take a look at the images our friends Nimo, Sergio, Destine, Sakura, and Sabrin created. 

Friendship Place is powered completely by volunteers. If you live in the Rochester area and are interested in getting involved, contact Friendship Place today at 507.529.8791 or, or visit their Facebook page