To tell stories of grace and redemption that illustrate what it’s like to be human in different parts of the world, without ever sacrificing artistic integrity.

To create a community of artists who are passionate about the human story and who use their talents to communicate it in beautiful, inventive ways.


We are committed to creating quality, authentic imagery that never exploits its subject or manipulates its viewers.


who we partner with


We are always looking for new contributors to our  Journal, a monthly meditation on the human story.  We want to know what experiences and stories have burrowed into your heart and left you changed. All forms of writing are encouraged, including essays, poems, nonfiction, and fiction.


If you prefer images to words, we would love to feature your photographs in our Journal. If you’re a photographer who also loves to write, you could  compose a written piece to accompany your images, in essay format or even short stories as captions for each photo.

web/graphic Designers:

Many organizations we partner with not only have a need for quality images, but lack an engaging, well-designed website. We would love to be able to recommend some amazing designers who can help create logos and/or websites for our partners.

Visual Artists

As a visual storytelling ministry, we want to engage in all kinds of visual art (hand-lettering, drawing, painting, etc.). We might commission you to create a piece for us, adding a unique visual element to one of our stories, or one of your pieces could be made available for purchase on our site.


We know the importance and power of quality music in videography. If you are interested in composing a song for a future video project or have original music we could feature, we would love to hear from you.


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